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I. Background Summary: Edward

Upon Sir Edward's birth, his mother died because she was too weak to handle childbirthing. He too inherited her illness, which caused his father to dislike him; Having taken his wife's life and becoming useless in his eyes. Ever since his father has had a grudge and would never speak of his wife's death. He soon hired a caretaker to look after his son, as well as fill the place where his wife previous resided. This caretaker was a servant named Rachel who was kind to Edward but even more so to his father; Though they both knew commoners and nobles are forbidden to marry. From a young age he was too sick to attend regular school; So he had a tutor named Johan purchased and sent in from a foreign land. His father would disrespectfully call him "John" though the man's name was pronounced "Yo-vahn". Edward became close to him as a brother, which improved his studies. He improved in grammar, english and spelling especially, from a young age. When he was a bit older he was sent to a school specializing in grammar. His childhood had been easy, aside from his father ignoring him. He'd been bought whatever he needed and sheltered most of the time.

He grew into a young nobleman who aspired to become an artist, writer, and composer. He was heir to his father's noble status, becoming the next Duke. However soon his father's denial caught up with him, unable to replace his lost wife he'd begun drinking. Such caused him to treat his son badly and abuse him. But with his rank and status, such things could not be mentioned about the Duke, unless Edward wanted to live on the streets... That, and Edward began to think his mother's death was his own fault; Blaming himself, he accepted this fate as punishment for causing her pain. After an unimpressive meeting with two members of the council, they decide Sir Edward has no leadership skills to become the ruler of the city. The Duke was then persuaded by to find another heir to become Duke immediately; So he finds a distant relative who is strong enough to become his heir. Then, wondering how to make it so his son doesn't get in the way, he decides to arrange a marriage into another noble household; To ensure high status and wealth connections. Edward is arranged to marry a noblewoman named Franceska; They had glanced occasionally at balls and other celebrations but hadn't been introduced. As this was being planned, Edward had been sneaking out of their home without notice; Though most of the time he wasn't allowed to leave his room. Soon he fell in love with a girl named Katrina who was working at the apple orchard. At first he made the mistake of spying on her, and ended up toppling out of a barrel. She only laughed, but they became friends. Edward had to meet Katrina in secret, which took drastic measures such as hiding when a noble would walk by; Gossip in Remoriah got around fast and he knew they would speak of his meetings with a commoner to his father. Also he hid to avoid being mocked by a youth street gang, because they were jealous of his status. The gang includes a boy about his age who is much taller, and three shorter girls. The boy is also in love with the same woman as Edward, and tries to confront him often. When Edward meets Franceska, the woman he is arranged to marry, she is very stuck up on her noble heritage; She dislikes him because she thinks he gets an easier life, being the Duke's son. She's completely blinded by her family, thinking that commoners are worthless and that nobles are born perfect. She learns of the hardships that Edward has gone through and realizes this way of thinking is just an illusion. She also realizes he is not spoiled afterall and starts to care for him. But he had already fallen in love with another. Knowing that it would only hurt him to get married to her, Franceska decides to break off the marriage. The only way of doing so was to purposely ruin the dinner at her house, when he was invited to meet her parents. After the dinner incident, the Duke hears from Franceska's parents that the marriage is off. He becomes furious, knowing that his son will become worthless to him if he doesn't marry into a wealthy family. But when he asks where Edward is, Franceska says he left but hadn't told where he was headed. Though he was headed to meet up with Katrina and she promised not to tell his father. The Duke sends some men to find his son, rough him up and detain him; When he is returned, his father turns his back and banishes him from the household and his rank; As well as being his son. Without his rank and family, he has no choice but to stoop to the same level of the street gang trio... and has to steal, chase chickens, and do other ridiculous things to get food or money. As he's living miserably, the boy who is also in love with Katrina tells him that she'd gone away on a ship to be married by a real noble. Some odd conclusions make him believe this and he becomes heartbroken and ashamed, as he is no longer a noble. Katrina soon hears about this, and tells him that it is a lie. She makes him to stay with her so that he can recover.

Edward and Katrina get married and have a daughter named Rebecca. Upon their marriage, Franceska comes to the wedding; Which shocks many of the attendants, since nobles and commoners are to not socialize. Franceska had begun a revolution of change between the two classes thanks to her own rank, that people would listen to her now truthful words. She bestows noble titles to both Edward, Katrina and their future daughter; So that they may afford to raise her well. The money they then earned allowed them to pay their daughter's tuition, live well and for Edward to become a famous composer, poet and writer of memoirs.

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